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  • “Hamlet” director says audience plays key role in his performances

    German director Thomas Ostermeier, who is currently in Tehran to stage the acclaimed play “Hamlet” during the 34th Fajr International Theater Festival, said that that interaction with the audience in different places is highly influenced by his plan for performing a play.

    Speaking during a press conference at the City Theater Complex, he said, “Facing the audience in each place is absolutely influenced by the way I choose to stage ‘Hamlet’.”

    “I am seeking something that is called ‘the international theater’, which is formed through interaction with the audience in each place,” he added.

    Ostermeier, who has staged “Hamlet” in several countries, said that he has made wide changes to the play to perform it in Iran.

    He has previously taken four plays on stage in New York, but he refused to perform “Hamlet” in the city due to “the conservative views of the U.S. audience.”

    “The successful performance of the play in Iran showed that Iranian theatergoers are not that conservative,” Ostermeier stated.

    Ostermeier’s troupe performed the play at Vahdat Hall on Thursday and Friday. One more performance also is scheduled for tonight.


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