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  • Introduction of the Poster and Visual Identity Section


    The director of “poster and visual identity” and “Theater photography” sections, Amir Esmi, has defined the goals and procedure of the poster and visual identity section as follows:

    The “Poster and Visual Identity” is one of the sections of 36th Fadjr International Theater Festival, which this year includes:

    1. The Poster Competition:
      Includes published posters of the performed plays in the recent year. Well-known Iranian and International artists will be invited to cooperate in the scoring process as the “Judge Committee”. The average of scores will specify the ranking. The selected artworks will be demonstrated in an exhibition and published in a book. It will be attempted to show the artworks in other countries in a tour.


    1. Theater Advertisement:

    Is a new competitive event and includes the advertisements of the Iran theater’s plays in the recent year. A prize will be given to the selected artworks.


    1. Visual Identity in Theater Groups:

    Which deals with discussion, study, and training of the subjects such as “Visual Identity”, “Verbal Identity”, “Corporate Identity” and “Branding”.

    This subcategory is non-competitive.


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