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Notation about pattern been designed for 34th of fajr theater international festival.

Armaghan Behdarvand

Strongly may announced that every day can be the theater day . theater may known as  praise or appeal to God and creature which he prefer to describe and advertising his salvation among of people , depends to live with the people  not to live lonely neither  seclusion  . just imagine the spectators and member of audience soon as hearing the hurry up , hurry up same as masque and  shrine  prayers   walking shoulder to shoulder and on self silences will pray their  own god . since accept and believe that theater  in any places and location will hope for salvation of people same can be adopted as a pattern of 34th fajer theater festival .concentrate on purity and identity of city theater known as capital of theater,  ideal and  or standard perfection for being together by taking advantage of design and building structure of city theater are the most reasonable  reasons to accept the  possibility of matter   . 

It is not hidden to everyone that totality of mentioned impression it is a open invitation letter which will invite every one with kindness to be presented in to this significant event  . 



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