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  • Founder of the Office promoter in performing arts in Barcelona:

    I have not seen Iranian theater actors' form nowhere in the world.

    "Iva Horvat" director and professor of kinesiology that his workshop entitled 'Project Management and International Marketing theatrical productions ", held at the City Theater Referring to the presence in Iran, said: "I have come to  interact with artists in the field of theater and this interaction will become a global relevance،Existing a series of specific elements such as acting,music,which is different with other countries attracted me. I don’t come here to influence on creativity of Iran theater but I came that Iranian artists can have an international relation with each other in theater section.In presenting this workshop I have decided to say ,how a performance can be produced and presented in order to have the best influence.

    He added: In fact, there are a series of elements such as design, music and theater actors form in Iran theater make a basement that my motivation for participating and holding a workshop in Iran increased. Because I haven’t seen such elements in western countries before. We can say that a  display can be good and successful that it engages the actors during and after performance. This thinking is in theater that is first in this case so an artist should do all his best to grow this thinking that can perform his form in next step.

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