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    The Blind


    People lose their eye-sight in unexplained circumstances. The epidemic spreads around so fast that everyone becomes helpless. It leads to panic which turns the apparently orderly world into chaos. And only one person knows that not everyone is blind… .



    Playwright & Director: Jerzy Zon (Based on Blindness written by Jose Saramago)

    Stage Designer: Joanna Jasko-Sroka

    Costumes: Zofia De Ines, Joanna Jasko-Sroka

    Choreography: Eryk Makohon

    Cast: Karolina Bondaronek, Dominika Feiglewicz, Anna Jaworska, Danuta Kulesz-Rozycka, Paulina Lasyk, Justyna Orzechowska, Grazyna Srebrny-Rosa, Urszula Swaltek, Marta Zon, Slawomir Bendykowski, Bartosz Cieniawa, Alexander Kopanski, Michal Orzylowski, Mateusz Kmiecik, Pawel Monsiel, Adam Plewinski

    Music Selection: Jerzy Zon

    Duration: 60 Min.


    Jerzy Zon

    Born in 1953- Siekiercyznie, Poland. Director and actor. Studied literature at Jagiellonian University of Krakow. Founder and director of ULICA (The International Festival of Street Theater in Krakow). Director of the plays: “The Gloomy Pararde”, “The Tower of Babel”, “The Fragrance of Time”, “Cantata”, “Mazepa”, “Water Parade”, “Quixotic”, “The Blind”, “Paradise”, “The Mirror”, “The Edifice”, “A Farewell Performance”, “Upside Down”, “How to Recognize a Spoon from a Close Distance”, “The Steps of the Commodore”, “I Sell the House In Which I Can Live No More”, “The Last Hour”, “Chorus of Orphans”.

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