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  • Nations' Theater



    Two images of today’s world: On the one hand wars, droughts, massive deforestation, polluted coasts, labor exploitation, political instability, poor sanitary conditions, persecution, forced deportation, abuse of natural resources, depleted aquifers, food shortages. On the other hand, stocked supermarkets, safe streets, family stability, good health services, freedom, paid work, respect for human rights, welfare, recycling and renewable energies, social mobility etc.



    Playwrights: Alexandre Serrano, Ferran Dordel, Pau Palacios

    Director: Alexandre Serrano

    Cast: Alberto Barbera, Alexandre Serrano, Pau Palacios

    Voice: Simone Milsdocher

    Project Manager: Barbara Bloin

    Light & Video Design: Alberto Barbera

    Sound Design: Roger Costa Vendrell

    Video Production: Vicenc Viaplana

    Scale Models: Saray Ledesma, Nuria Manzano

    Costume: Nuria Manzano

    Production Assistant: Marta Baran

    Scientific Advisor: Irene Lapuence / La Mandarina de Newton

    Project Advisor: Victor Molina

    Legal Advisor: Cristina Soler

    Group Manager: Iva Horvat

    Duration: 60 Min.


    Alexandre Serrano Tarrago

    Born in 1974 Barcelona, Spain. Master of interactive communication, industrial design, MBA and stage direction. Founder of Senor Serrano Theater Group (2006). Director of the plays: “A House in Asia” (Barcelona critics award 2014, New Trends), “Brickman Brando Bubble Boom”(Award for the best innovative show, International Dance and Theater fair, 2013), “Katastrophe” (Jury’s special award for the best creative show, PIHT Festival, Poland and jury’s special award of Banialuka Festival 2012,Poland), “Memo” (award for the best mise-en-scene project 2010 of Institut del Teatre, Spain), “Immutable” (award for the best performing Arts Project 2007 Lleida, Spain), “Contra.Nature”, “Europe”, “One Thousand sad Tigers” (Award for the best innovative show, International Dance and Theater Fair 2007).

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