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  • Nations’ Theater



    SAR deals with two friends who grew up together in the neighborhood in Istanbul, as part of the same culture. Now in their thirties, they bring together their memories and observations to use music, movement and paper to explore their dreams and ask questions about their future.



    Director: Mihran Tomasyan

    Concept and Performers: Mihran Tomasyan, Saro Usta

    Lighting Designer: Cem Yilmazer

    Lighting Technician: Yasin Gultepe

    Sound Technician: Berkant Kilickap

    Technical Support: Irem Avci, Duygu Gungor

    Poster Design: Alican Tezer

    Photos: Engin Iriz

    Duration: 40 Min.


    Mihran Tomasyan

    Born in 190, Istanbul, Turkey. Graduated from the Department of modern Dance at Mimar Sinan, Fine Arts University. Founder of the dance company “Ciplak Ayaklar Kumpaniyasi”. Worked as a dancer in more than 30 performances in different festivals around the world.

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