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  • Marathon Reading of Homer’s Epic Odyssey


    Odyssey has been collected into a set of songs and stories and it is the story of one of the leaders of Trojan War. The magnificent epic of Homer’s Odyssey read in different languages and dialects of Iran and also international languages by the participants. Text in English and Persian and related images show on the screen and the music and the songs play by the national and international groups.


    IR. Iran and Greece

    Project Manager: Katerina Balamoti

    Cast: 120 Iranian performers, NGOs of the Readers of Homer and Elliniko Theatro

    Public Relations and Coordination: Hanieh Mohammadi

    Advertising and Social networking: Niki Omidi

    Literary and Academic Consultants: Dr. Sofia Kutlaki, Zohreh Hedayati

    Texts: Yousef Fakhrimoghaddam, Maryam Forghani, Hanieh Mohammadi, Katerina Balamoti

    Artistic Co-worker: Sam Omidi

    Graphic: Atena Fakhrimoghadam

    Website: Rasool Fatehi


    Katerina Balamoti

    Born in Greece. Actress and General Director. B.A. in Theater Arts Management, B.B.A. in Administration of Business and Marketing and M.A. in Heritage Management, Cultural Resource Management and Policy Analysis. Actress of national and international Theater performances and different theatrical companies such as National Greek Theater, The Theater of March, Aeroplio Theater, Theater Topos Allou. Directing and developing events in Europeans countries. General Manager and Co-founder Volos company.

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